Any getting started tutorial?

Alright, I do know a bit of C++ and I was interested in trying out Cuda, but all the documentation I’ve read for how to get started says to compile the code via command line, but doesn’t really tell me how.

I am not really familiar with this kind of stuff so I was hoping there was a bit of a walk through on how to compile the code and build a windows executable.

I would be using Visual Studio 2008.


the same as to compile c/c++ code and build a windows executable.

atm CUDA does not support VS2008

You will have to downgrade to VS2005 or try to run a “hybrid” VS like some guys in this forum tried


  1. As has been mentioned, VS2008 is not supported: downgrade to 2005

  2. Download the SDK and read the docs on how to modify the template project to compile your own

  3. Use the project wizard found on these forums

  4. Learn how to use CMake to generate VS projects: use it in conjunction with FindCUDA.cmake

  5. For small 1-file test apps, the command line is easy enough: “nvcc -o my_executable.exe” will produce an executable from the source code. (Make sure you are in a VS build environment, accessible from the VS start menu, before running this command).

Thanks a lot guys, I’ll give it a try. :)