Any GTX 560 owners out there?

I’m considering the GTX 560 (the “normal” version with 336 cores and a 256-bit memory interface) as a cheaper alternative to the GTX 570. Does anyone here have one? Would they be able to run a simple benchmark for me, please? Please quote the clock speeds of your card with your results.

TextureFill (65.6 KB)

I only have the 570, but note that 560 is a compute 2.1 card while the 570 us a compute 2.0. It means that you’ll have to work harder to fully utilize the 560 as it has two instruction scheduler for three instruction pipes where as the 570 has a 2:2 ratio.

560 Ti here (the original 384-core version), core 851 MHz, shaders 1701 MHz, memory 2052 MHz.

The app reports:

GeForce GTX 560 Ti
cudaZero 4.814 ms 111.534 GB/s
cudaSample4 11.162 ms 96.197 GB/s 48.099 GT/s

Thanks, those are really interesting results. The 48GT/s isn’t far short of the 52GT/s in the specifications. That suggests it doesn’t suffer from the same problem as the GTX 460 and it might be worth serious consideration for my project.