Any info about vGPU VNC server?

Hi all,
there is an interesting parameter “disable_vnc” in vgpu_params file. If I understand correctly, that VNC is enabled by default? How ho use it, is it more advanced than, say, x11vnc run on that guest? Thank you in advance.

I suspect that’s only to provide a vga console for vm management software, not usable for anything else.

Thank you for your reply. Do you think that is just a framebuffer to view BIOS and initial boot messages? Anyway, it would be good to read about that something. Red Hat writes:

As a Technology Preview, the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) console can be used with GPU-based mediated devices, including NVIDIA vGPU, in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. As a result, you can use VNC to display the accelerated graphical output provided by an NVIDIA vGPU device.

But I have no subscriptions that are needed to read a rest of that article :(

There’s not really much info about that in the vGPU docs
but the info that’s there leads me to the impression that it’s just a very basic vnc server for management purposes.

Maybe also ask at the grid forums:
Those people should know better than me.

Thanks a lot! I’ll try gridforums now :)