Any issues about "collision_avoidance.ipynb" and "object_following.ipynb" for JETRACER on Jupyter Notebook

Dear all,

I love “collision_avoidance.ipynb” and “object_following.ipynb” SAMPLE on Jupyter Notebook for JETBOT, but I could not find them on JETRACER ( - which only had " road_following.ipynb" on JUPYTER notebook)


1/ My Jetracer has already been downloaded JetRacer image which is provided by NVIDIA “”, could I use folder “JETBOT” for JETRACER Commands “collision_avoidance.ipynb” and “object_following.ipynb” for JETRACER on Jupyter Notebook ?

2/ Any problems if I will download JetBot image “” and I will use “JETBOT JUPYTER NOTEBOOK” for my JETRACER by these install below?

git clone
cd jetbot
sudo python3 install
sudo apt-get install rsync
rsync -r jetbot/notebooks ~/Notebooks

3/ Could I find another GITHUB relating to “collision_avoidance.ipynb” and “object_following.ipynb” for JETRACER ?

Many thanks in advances …

Could anyone please help me ? :-((

Hi huukhoa168,

Thanks for reaching out!

Currently, you’re correct. JetRacer examples are more light, and intended to showcase different features, like a faster inference pipeline, than JetBot.

That said, applying collision avoidance to JetRacer is an interesting idea. The dynamics would be a bit different since JetRacer cannot turn in place though.

The easiest way would likely be to start from the JetRacer SD card image, and then clone the JetBot github repository. You can then start from the JetBot collision avoidance notebooks, and modify them as you see fit.

Please let me know if this helps or you run into any issues.