Any linux working in Acer Aspire 7 (R5 5500U + GTX 1650)?

Can anyone help me please.

Hello @pragyan52yadav

If you have preinstalled Windows or Ubuntu image flashed USB, there is a detailed guide for you:


Hope it works

Can I use it for Linux Mint too? Its Ubuntu based only.

Also what about the no gpu hardware issue?

Yes, it should work

Alternatively, you can try it with these commands (from How to Install Nvidia Drivers on Linux Mint [Beginner's Guide] - It's FOSS):

$ ubuntu-drivers devices
$ sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

You need to install a kernel 5.10+ and amd firmware files to get support for the ryzen 5xxx gpu, otherwise the nvidia gpu won’t work either:
You will need 4 packages
from Index of /~kernel-ppa/mainline/v5.11.14

and copy all files green_sardine* from to /lib/firmware

Then add the graphics drivers ppa and install the nvidia driver using Software&Updates application.

I just installed Pop OS Nvidia version. Do I still need to do this?

Can you please elaborate the steps?

From what I understood, I need to put those 4 files and all files from amdgpu link to /lib/firmware and then add graphics drivers ppa and install nvidia driver

so how to add graphics driver ppa? and by install nvidia driver you mean install 460 one that I see in Pop OS update manager?

also how to download files from amdgpu link and what’s green_sardine*

please reply fast, I am currently on the pop os only so if its need to be done then before restarting I will do that. if its important than i will do it before restarting because it might go to black screen again if issue not fixed properly

The 4 kernel files have to be downloaded and installed (double-click or open with package-manager on download)
The firmware files for amd gpu ‘Cezanne’ are called green_sardine, ask amd why.
To download, click on the ‘plain’ link next to them on the right side.

See ‘adding this ppa to your system’ on

I just checked that OpenSuse Tumbleweed supports kernel 5.11 so I will be using that. Now from what I understand I can not add ppa to system this then. so how to that in opensuse?