Any News of Bionic Beaver compatibility for Jetpack yet?


I have a deadline of early july to do the “two days to a demo” as a live demo

Am I likely to be able run Jetpack under Ubuntu 18.04 ?

I can’t even log in on the download page so I am feeling just a bit unhappy

It’s not officially supported in JetPack yet at this time, but it looks like some forum users were able to confirm a workaround for JetPack 3.2:

Please try clearing your browser cache or from incognito mode (they made some backend changes) and let me know if you are still having problems.

The forum pages recently changed something about the sign-in dialog.
First, it pushed the dialog to a small box in the bottom-left of the front page (I needed to scroll down to see it, and then scroll inside that frame to see the fields and then the button.)
Second, it asked me for more profile information (no doubt to send me more email I don’t care about) before I was allowed to proceed.

Thanks. clearing the cache worked for me


I am back on track to do my demo

and I am runningunder the Beaver