Any OEMs and Commercial manufacturers of the NX?

Hi there,

Are there any OEMs and commercial manufactures that make complete sensors using the NX module?

Specifically, I am looking for something that uses the NX module on a board like the Xavier NX Dev kit, attached with a MIPI CSI camera inside an IP rated (weatherproof) case. Ideally, this entire case with components inside it would be certified as well for electrical safety etc.

Does anyone know of any OEMs doing this?

I looked at the Jetson Xavier NX Partner Products and they seem to be just the NX module inside carrier boards, not a sensor setup.

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Hope you can receive suggestions from other developers, or need to contact with our HW ecosystem partner for the support.


The Connect Tech Photon is purpose built to integrate into a camera enclosure and has 2 mipi interfaces. Although it isn’t a fully integrated product, I am sure they could suggest some off the shelf camera enclosures that would work well with the carrier.

For fully integrated systems you could take a look at ADLINK’s Neon-2000-JNX NEON-2000-JNX Series–Smart Camera–ADLINK

Thanks @kayccc - by HW ecosystem partners are you referring to the partners here: Jetson Partner Hardware Products | NVIDIA Developer? Or is there another list?

Thanks @blokeandsally. The ADLINK one looks interesting, i’ll check if it’s IP rated.

Where did you find it? It’s not on the NX Partner page or the wiki (Jetson Xavier NX -

The partners list does not necessarily list all available products from a particular firm. I saw the TX2 version of the ADLINK solution at GTC a few years ago and took a look for an NX version when I saw your post.

If ADLINK does not have an IP rated solution, you could take a look at Dotworks They produce IP rated enclosures to integrate with various camera systems and have a large range of sizes and mounting options.