Any one using a Sager with an 8800M GTX?

I am looking into ordering a Sager NP9262. Is anyone currently using a Sager notebook with a 8800m GTX to program in CUDA?

If so what drivers are you using?
Are you having any problems?
Do you have any suggestions?

I plan on getting the SLI notebook with 2 8800Ms then turning the SLI off so one can process and the other can display. Does any one have an experince with this on a desktop? Does it work?



I’m about one month behind you. Have you determined if CUDA can be implemented on the Sager?




I just got my NP9262 and initial test show that it can use the CUDA SDK with the drivers out of the box. I did go online to sagers site and got the current updates and they seem to work too.

My machine has 2 8800M cards and the API does recognize both cards. Unfortunatlly I have not had time to start programming my own code for this set up so I cannot give you any info on using one card for data processing and the other for display, but I don’t think that is going to be a problem.

I have had time to run a few of the examples provided by Nvidia and they run without any problems.

Good luck and let us know what you find out if you get the Sager.


I’m using one right now to do some final checking before we put out the beta Vista driver for CUDA. Sorry I don’t know the exact model number, it’s the one with dual 8800M GTX. Running Vista64 seems to be running CUDA great. When our Vista beta driver comes out you will need to turn off SLI, and to get the second GPU visible in CUDA under Vista you’ll need to extend the desktop.

confirmed I’m running CUDA on the NP9262

So, that means under Vista, you will never have all memory of the second card available to CUDA? And when you have a C870, will you be able to use that?

Is it a Vista limitation, or can it be ‘fixed’ in the driver later?