Any one using intel AX200 to run bluetooth 5.0 successfully on jetson nano?

I reference this website to set my AX200
Now, wifi is work well
But Bluetooth not working
Have any solution?


Not working for me too

Hi there,

So I too have the AX200 installed using the canonical backport-iwlwifi repo: Wifi is running fine, but indeed no bluetooth

I stumbled upon this link on the Intel forum: Masked the two pins using some nail polish but to no avail. Thinking getting the card into another SBC running a 5.1+ kernel to make sure it works (I’m convinced it will).

Any pointers so far?


There’s a clue here: here, however I don’t have the knowledge or guts to try atp-get install linux-generic-hwe-18.04-edge for fear of breaking something required for Jetson development. :-)

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Thanks! But I solved it either way. Just sold Jetson Nano. No more waiting of Nvidia official updates!