Any one using the 8800M chip for CUDA Programing?

I was just wondering if anyone was usong the 8800M card for CUDA programing. My IT guy wants me to get a laptop that I will “grow into” and I want t do some CUDA programming on it. I have written some stuff using the FX5600 and have had some success.

If anyone has been using this card have you had any gotchas that one should be aware of?


Yes, I am using one.
The only suggestion, get 256MB (or more) of video ram

Will do.

Do you mind telling which laptop vendor you got yours from. From what I have read this important so that they have driver support for CUDA programing.

I am using a Macbook Pro.
We are also using Dell Vostro 1500 as training machines.

Under Windows, you may need to modify the inf file(search the forum), under Linux it works with the standard driver, under MacosX you need to wait until we release CUDA for that platform :)