Any one with success using the Micro-USB connector for data?

Dear all

I am running power to my Nano through the barrel jack, shorting the pins on J48 with a jumper.
I theory this would let me use the Micro-USB for data, as indicated for item (3) in

However, I get nothing at all in the following configurations from that port
(1) plugging in any single device in the MicroUSB
(2) I can measure no 5V on the microUSB jack
(3) I cannot run anything when plugged in any device through a powered hub attached to the MicroUSB port

In all cases “lsusb” does not give me any indication that the device plugged in is seen at all
(including a mouse, keyboard, and a USB-serial converter – they all work on the USB3 ports)

Other than shorting the pins of J48 do I need to do anything else to enable the Micro-USB port?


I am having some other issues involving headless mode. What I know now is that to use USB mode you need to set up and configure the nano from a screen and keyboard first and reboot. Then what I did to get it to work is

  1. unplug everything
  2. plug in barrel (with jumper on j48 of course)
  3. Should see green light. Wait about 30 seconds for it to boot
  4. plug in microUSB cable to PC

Then it should appear. To find it.

  1. use the arp -na command on the host PC
  2. in the output look for

if you see that IP then it’s connected. Let me know if that works or not. I could be wrong because I also had wifi setup so I might have just been seeing the wifi but that IP is supposed to be on the USB connection and that’s what I was able to see. I was able to ssh into it and everything.

Ok I just confirmed that what I did indeed worked as it’s supposed to.