Any Open Source Physics engines using CUDA? for a new project featuring coins


I was wondering if anyone knows about an open source physics engine using CUDA. I would be interested a lot in how existing engines would interact with CUDA - and how they have to be redesigned to make use of CUDA. Most engines seem to store their data per C++ object, which makes any attempt to perform vectorized processing with CUDA a bit painful.

The background: I want to simulate the physics of coins (flat cylinders) realistically. Lots of coins (hundreds, possibly thousands) and how they interact with each other.

The problems I ran into when looking for existing solutions:

PhysX doesn’t implement a flat cylinder primitive (only capped cylinders) and I think source code is not open.

The well known Open Dynamics Engine doesn’t implement cylinder to cylinder collisions (but has a cylinder geometric primitive)

Are there any alternatives, other than writing my own engine? (I have the book Game Physics Engine Development by Ian Millington which could serve as a nice starting point) . If possible I would like to make use of CUDA in my implementation.


Hmm… the bullet physics engine ( seems to be open source and they includes cylinder primitive for collision detection. And they are currently experimenting with CUDA, although not all aspects of the engine are optimized yet.

Definitely worth a closer look.