Any plans for SampleGather? me want SampleGather!


“Gather” functionality can really cut the number of texture reads. Are there any plans to get that support in cuda?


It’s already supported in CUDA 4.0, I think. Look for “tex2Dgather” in “include\texture_fetch_functions.h”

I added a small test in the bicubicTexture SDK sample.

No, can’t find it there. Could you be looking at some unreleased candidate version ?

Ah, yes. Should be in CUDA 4.1, coming soon.

Nice. What about tex2Dgrad and miplevel support ? These seem to be the only one left to close the difference between DirectCompute and Cuda.

I would be interested in tex2Dgrad and mipmapped texture access as well(anisotropic filtering for cuda raytracer - right now i’m using a scaled poisson disc as replacement).