Any plans to support OpenCL on Jetson TK1 or TX1? If so, is there a time frame?

I own a TK1 devkit and I am considering purchasing a TX1, but I would like to know if OpenCL support will ever be available. In lieu of that, is there a devkit option with OpenCL support other than Jetson? I do not have a desktop environment, just a laptop, and I would have to build or purchase a desktop computer to facilitate installing a NVIDIA graphics card with OpenCL and CUDA support. I would like to implement co-development of CUDA/OpenCL for some of my projects. Thanks.

Hi ShawnQ,

Sorry, OpenCL driver is not supported for Tegra.

Alternatively, it would be straightforward to port opencl_depth_packet_processor to CUDA.
Kernel code is nearly the same between CUDA & OpenCL, and CPU-side driver code is significantly condensed with CUDA.