Any policy on loading py modules with dll in dependencies?

I wonder if there are any policies added to USD Composer 2023.1.1 Beta comparing to latest Create release that are controlling (actually blocking) py code from calling code in dll?
I have code that uses python_vlc

import vlc
inst = vlc.Instance()

does not return any value, inst is None when this code is run in the USD Composer 2023.1.1 Beta.
When I run this code in separate file on the same PC, value of the inst is non empty.
The python_vlc uses dll that is located at C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\libvlc.dll on my PC.
I debugged python_vlc module’s code down to the

def libvlc_new(argc, argv)

which does this:

f = _Cfunctions.get('libvlc_new', None) or \
    _Cfunction('libvlc_new', ((1,), (1,),), class_result(Instance),
                ctypes.c_void_p, ctypes.c_int, ListPOINTER(ctypes.c_char_p))
return f(argc, argv)

This code is a direct call of the dll’s function and it returns None in USD Composer.