Any possibility to compile kernel 4.7 for Jetson TK1

Hello, I am trying to compile the newest kernel 4.7 for TK1 with a few facts:

  1. Current L4T kernel version is 3.10.40, which is very old.
  2. I want to some features of kernel 4.7 and simply I want to gain the flexibility of using higher kernel version than locked with supplied kernel.
  3. My final system will be a QT kiosk with highly simplified file system.

My questions is:

  1. Anyone successively made kernel 4.x working on TK1 yet?
  2. Am I losing CUDA and other nVidia features if I use the generic kernels (OpenCV and CUDA?)?

I am trying to compile kernel 3.10.40 on my desktop Ubuntu, I extract the config.gz from my board ubuntu (3.10.40-ga7da876), the .config seems to be not a match and it is not usable.

Thanks for your answers!

I have not done so myself, but I believe there have been several successes at using a 4.x kernel version, e.g., there is a Fedora embedded version. However, this loses access to CUDA or hardware accelerated video. The nVidia-provided files for hardware accelerated access do not work with this newer software (consider that newer kernels use a newer X11 ABI, but video and GPU drivers are tied to an older ABI…so it isn’t just the kernel which is at issue).

My friend also forwarded me this page: