any power source from j26 header?

i figured out that + on pin 2 and - on pin 9 makes out 3.3v
but i am still not sure is that two pins are designed for vcc and GND
If idea?

Hi gyuhyong,

Not sure what you meaning. But pin 2 is VDD_3.3V_SYS, pin 9 is CAN0_ERR not GND, pin 10, 11, 21, 28 are GND.

The documentation for the Jetson carrier board is the “Jetson TX1/TX2 Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification.”
It has the following table of pinouts for J26:

You might want to download the full document from the registered developer download site.

thank you so much
this was exactly what I was looking for

I am not getting any clock signals on this J26 header, I2S1_CLK and I2S1_LRCLK. Can someone please tell me how to enable and use those? Also, what is the difference between those two clocks and DSPK_OUT_CLK/DSPK_OUT_DAT? I am not getting a signal from any of those either.

Hi luishallvaldez,
Are you on r28.1/TX2? Do you have any modofication to device tree?

Yes, r28.1/TX2. I tried to look into the device tree but cannot see how to even make an appropriate modification. I am getting no clock signals at all.

I tried to hook up up both my I2S speaker and mic sensor to the J21 header but switching the mic to mono, the only mode it works in, slows down my audio. Do I need to get another mic sensor and switch it to stereo for it to work? Thank you for your help DaneLLL.

Hi luishallvaldez,
Have you checked [System Configuration] -> [Tegra ASoC Driver] in ?

What is your audio codec?