Any problems when working with (un-aligned) sub-images (for texture-binding, NPP, ...) ?

On the CPU, I am often using ‘sub-images’ of 2-D images (pitch-linear), which are simply pointing to a certain ROI of the ‘master’ image. So all modifications to the sub-image in fact change the ‘master’ image also.

Are there any problems in CUDA with sub-images to 2-D images (pitch-linear) on the device memory ? E.g., can a bind a texture to it or an texture object ? Do the NPP routines work properly ? I ask because of issues like that a certain alignment (of the ‘start address’ of the buffer) could be required by certain routines.

Note that I am mainly interested in stability issues. I suppose there might be minor performance penalties for these sub-images, but that is not my main concern.

Especially, I would be interested if the alignment restriction for the buffer base address mentioned in ‘cudaBindTexture2D’ documentation at

is also necessary for ‘Texture objects’ (for CC >= 3.0 GPUs) ?