Any remote service for GPGPU?

As we know, there are a lot of free service(teaching service) for parallel cluster or linux study, that one can get a enjoyable experience of the high technology. So I am wondering whether someone, organization or company provide remote service of GPGPU for the beginner who don’t own one G80 GPU. If it is true, I think, a lot of people can benefit from it and can log in a remote system and have a try to write, compile and run their test programs with CUDA.

have you tried the emulation mode? it runs a little slow, but doesn’t require any NVIDIA hardware and you can get the basic ideas behind thread bactching/kernel execution/etc.

And a 8800GTS is very cheap nowadays check eBay.

And 8200s are even cheaper, and also run CUDA stuff fine (albeit slow, of course)

for example i bought a 8500gt … only 2 multiprocessors, but the price tag is only around 70.- euro here in central europe … and it works fine for developing.

also the 8500/8600 cards have already the ,compute capability 1.1’’ - eg some atomic* functions.