Any resources on the CloudXR 4.0 available? If not when?

Its been a while since 4.0 was announced. But on the “Get started” page it is still only the 3.2 from May last year that is listed.

There is no:

  • Download CloudXR 4.0 Server and Client SDKs
  • Download the new Unity Client
  • How to deploy CloudXR 4.0 servers on Docker containers.
  • Deepdive - build you own custom client that doesnt need to run on Steam VR.
  • Documentation of new sever API

Where are those resources? If they are not out there yet, when will they be available?

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At 47:00 in this video, it is announced that it will be General availability Mid Q2 overall.
So it should be around the middle of next month.

Hi @jan-erik.vinje
Did you finaly had the chance to access to the mentionned “CloudXR-SDK-with-UnityPlugin” ?