Any rules on mentioning work with CloudXR in public statements?


I’m just getting started with CloudXR, thrilled to have been invited to the early-access program.

I’ve read through the license terms and can’t see anything about not mentioning projects involving CloudXR publicly but thought I should check first - are we OK to write blogs mentioning our investigations with CloudXR without getting any sort of sign-off?

Obviously we’d be clear it is work we are doing using the early-access NVIDIA CloudXR SDK, and the work on our integration is not sponsored by or endorsed by NVIDIA in any way.



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Hi Simon -

Thanks for reaching out! I’m excited to hear that you are beginning to use CloudXR. With regards to your question, NVIDIA CloudXR is a public early access program. You are more than welcome to mention CloudXR in blogs or other materials. If you have any further questions or would like to share your content, feel free to reach out to me directly via this email:


Veronica Yip
CloudXR PM

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Hi @Veronica_NVIDIA,

Thanks for the answer to Simon, I was also wondering about. Does the same apply with sharing of videos to show CloudXR in use? Are we fine with doing so?

Hi @roy.rodenhauser -

Thanks for reaching out! There is nothing in the EULA that is barring individuals from posting videos on social media. However, if you would like to share these videos with us, then you can send them to:

Thank you for already sending your video!


What kind of wording would you suggest we use when talking about CloudXR and our relationship with NVIDIA? For instance I know The Grid Factory uses the phrase “CloudXR Early Access Partner” but is that because there is a special relationship with them or is that the kind of wording we should be using?

It adds a lot more clout to R&D funding applications if nothing else

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Hi @BenWoodford -

Great question! Yes - “NVIDIA CloudXR Early Access Partner” works great!