any success running texture-related example in CUDA_SDK? TexRef testing on gentoo and centos.

If I run bicubicTexture and SobelFilter example in CUDA_SDK, the image is not shown. (No Lena is viisble). The window is just black image.
But I could see Lena’s face in Ubuntu 8.10.
Here’s the O, X status.
CentOS v5(64bit) Gentoo v.(32bit) Ubuntu8.10(32bit)
Cuda Toolkit 4 Suse v10.3 Suse v10.3 Suse v11
bicubicTexture x x o
SobelFilter x x o

o means I can see her face and all control okey.
x means the image is just black, not controllable of course.

Anybody succeed in looking her face?

Thank you.


SobelFilter works for me, Fedora 8 64 bit. I think it requires some openGL packages in order to view, which you may be missing?

Yea, I worked fo me too, RHEl 3.4, yea earlier it complains about some GL shared library, Why dont u see building the SDK again