Any suggestions for a power splitter for multiple jetons running

I plan on setting up an HPC/slurm cluster.
I am just looking to stream line things
with a dedicated switch and normal power
supply. The 3 standalone nodes I have
seem to work fine.


Make sure you have enough power for all the loads at the same time.
Make sure each of the wires/cables are short (less than a foot if you can!)
Put a de-coupling capacitor right before the connector for the power input – 220 uF is a start, more is better.
You can also try powering through the GPIO connector rather than the barrel connector; each pin is rated for 2 (or 3?) Amps, so you’d want two 5V pins and 2 GND pins connected to your power rail.


You would not happen to have a part number , would you ?


The 40 pin GPIO connector is simply a “dupont” style 100 mil spacing double-row header – there are tons of options there.

For a good de-coupling capacitor, I’m partial to Nichicon long-term-rated capacitors for long lifetime. Try the UPJ1E221MPD6TD perhaps? I think that’s what I have in my parts bin for simple radial capacitors with leads.