Any synergy between nvGRAPH and Neo4j?

Hi, I have rather extensive experience with the Java graph engine Neo4j and am currently investigating use of a Jetson Module (e.g., the Xavier NX) as a platform for working with the nvGRAPH library. Rather than using nvGRAPH to build up all the features (including visualisation) that I’m accustomed to with Neo4j, is anyone at NVIDIA aware of any kind of ability (APIs, data pipes, using nvGRAPH as a library, etc.) to be able to use nvGRAPH with Neo4j?

In a nutshell, I’d like to take advantage of the application features of Neo4j but be able to use the accelerated hardware of the Jetson NX. If this is possible I’d be looking at building up a cluster for a sizeable graph as an experiment, basically to compare graph performance with what’s natively available using Neo4j’s offerings.

If there is no such synergy, could you point me at any kind of graph software SDK or framework that can take advantage of your hardware? Again, I’d like to be able to use nvGRAPH but would prefer not having to build up so much of a graph application myself (I don’t have a large team available).

Thanks very much for your help.