Any tool package or solution for cross compiling and debugging for jetson nano development with TensorRT?

  1. Nsight Eclipse supports sync developing and support on jetson nano target, and works well so far. However, is there any cross compiling, debugging tool package or solution for jetson nano development with TensorRT by using X86-64 platform, so that the compiling and debugging works can be done on the host.
  2. It seems officially released “Nsight Eclipse Plugging” on Official Eclipse does not support sync development like Nsight Eclipse does. Is Nvdia has any solution to use sync develpment for Jetson Nano on Eclipse.


1. You can use Nsight EE to cross-compile a TensorRT application.
But this requires you to copied all the relevant library/header into host, which is complicated due to dependencies.

So if the compiling time is acceptable, it’s recommended to use remote debugging.
In short, recommend to try to remote access the device with a Nsight EE on desktop rather than cross compiling.

2. “Nsight Eclipse Plugging Edition” is built on the Nsight EE.
So most features in Nsight EE are also available in Nsight Plugging.


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