Any update for r35?

Continuing the discussion from tegra multimedia samples not working properly:

Not quite understand what is the question here. But rel-35 does not support TX2.

jetson_multimedia_api_r35 on jetpack5.1 is different from the older version(eg. r32),i want to add a encoder after v4l2 camera based on 12_camera_v4l2_cuda and 15_multivideo_encode,i code as this path file r32_patch_file,encoder show that the capture buffer size is zero,i noticed that this topic privided the patch file for r28 and r32, is there a new patch file apply to r35? thanks !!!

For other than maintenance the TX2 reached end of life with JetPack 4.x/L4T R32.x. There won’t be any update beyond that so far as features go. You’d have to use Xavier or Orin. Even Xavier won’t reach beyond JetPack 5.x/L4T 35.x.

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