any updates on OpenCL 2.0 Support in the future.

any updates on OpenCL 2.0 Support in the future.

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2.0 / November 18, 2013; 13 months ago

is support being depreciated in the future? , as per the lack of updates anywhere on the site.

I also would like to have more information about this. NVIDIA doesn’t even provide OpenCL 1.2 support at the moment. OpenCL 1.2 was released in November 2011.

Personally, I’ve recently began work on a project that uses the GPU to speedup the calculations. Since the software might be used on systems of partners, which do not have NVIDIA GPU’s, it makes sense to use OpenCL.

In my opinion portability is a very important property of OpenCL over NVIDIA’s CUDA and it’s my main reason to choose OpenCL over CUDA. To me it also doesn’t make sense that NVIDIA (seemingly) ignores OpenCL, since in the end it will prevent people to utilize their code on NVIDIA GPU’s and as a result these people will ignore NVIDIA (unless they want to port the code to CUDA).

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