any way to hack install script to enable cross-compilation?

Is it possible to hack the install script so that both linux86 and linux86-64 tools are installed on a linux86 (32-bit) system to enable the original host using node-locked license to cross-compile for linux86-64 (64-bit) targets? My understanding is that it works the other way around and it is unfortunate that I would need to move NIC’s around and create additional build box just to compile for both targets. Did I miss something in install directions?

Actually the compilers don’t cross compile between 32 and 64 bits. Rather, there are two sets of compilers. When you invoke a driver (pgf90, pgcc, pgf77, pghpf) using the “-tp” switch, the driver knows which set of compilers to use. For example, on a 64-bit system you can create an executable for a P4 using “-tp p4” since the 32-bit compilers can be run on an AMD64 or EM64T. However, the 64-bit compilers can not be run on a 32-bit system since the compilers themselves are 64-bit executables.

You can have a single build box for both 32 and 64-bits, so long as the build box is 64-bits and you’ve installed both sets of compilers.

Hope this helps,