Anybody get CUDA 5.5 RC working with Qt 5.1 and MSVS2012?

I’ve been unsuccessful getting CUDA 5.5 RC added to a working MSVS2012 (Professional version) Qt 5.1 project… I’ve tried various combinations of compiling for x64 and Win32. The issue I’m currently having is that nvcc is some how pulling in Qt libraries. I’ve even disabled inheritance from the parent project.

After fighting this for the better part of a day … I finally punted. Uninstalled MSVS2012, reverted back to MSVS2010 … and installed the Qt 5.1 version for 2010 and OpenGL but just Win32 no x64 support - however, I am still using CUDA 5.5 RC. Am once again making progress.

I believe I narrowed this problem down to not having #include <windows.h> when translating code from LINUX to Windows.