anybody tried using glMultiDrawArraysIndirect??


I’m trying to use this however my program crashes when I call this function. I have Nvidia Quadro 2000 with driver version 319.60. I assumed this function is supported with this driver.

Btw… I’m on Linux… Thanks…

[s]Same for me when using a Quadro M2000M (laptop only), with latest driver and on Windows 10 (Pro).

I’m not sure where it crashes, a Nvidia driver thread, but when using only glMultiDrawsArray, without “Indirect” stuff, the driver does not crash at all and it works fine.

The same code seems to work fine on all other computers (we have several testers) but fails only on M2000M.[/s]
My mistake: there was a wrong opengl context when deleting the Indirect buffer. That was leading to a random crash but not on all graphics cards…