Anyone else noticed the legacy hardware docs have disappeared from the public website?

Seems like a very “anti-Community” type of move.

Maybe the legacy hardware docs should be added here for download or something instead?

There is this page for EoL products:

I believe the page will require a supportweb login to grab downloads. lioro can you check?

Thanks Brian.

Saw that, but it doesn’t have any of the legacy adapters on it (unless I’m being blind again).

Dang it. Not you. Let me address with the team and get back to you ont this.

No…it’s just a mistake that will soon be rectified. Once I have the confirmed link we will perform a sticky to the adapter group as well as update the website with a quick link. Thanks for noticing this!

No worries.

Thinking about it further, having the adapter docs in a sticky post in this (adapter) group would probably make sense too. Unless they really are being kept out of public sight for some reason.

Will the legacy adapter docs be behind the “support contract only” wall now?

Specifically asking because they didn’t used to be. I was previously able to download the user docs for my MHGH28-XTC cards, and am concerned I won’t be able to after this. :/

no no, it won’t be. We will have it open access on the public site. Just give us a moment while we rectify and place accordingly.

Not sure if it’ll be the final location, but for anyone else interested the “Support Downloader” link here has the legacy card docs now:

No support contract needed.

Yep . But we are in the plans of also putting it in the EoL page as well (with no support login needed). Just to make it easier…at least I hope it will be.