Anyone familiar with NetBeans IDE? For some reasom, it doesn't include the .o from .cu compilati

I’m trying to compile in Linux a project I wrote under Visuas Studion 2008.
I’m using NetBeans 6.1 as my IDE under Fedora 10, with the Intel C++ compiler for Linux.

I’ve set up my .cu file under the custon build step, and specified the output .o file. Everything compiles beautifully, but the linker is crying like a spoiled baby, saying that it can’t find the functions in my .cu files are “unresolved dependencies”. I’ve checked the autogenerated makefile, and it doesn’t include the .o compiled from the custom build step, although it compiles the .cu. If I manually edit the makefile, and include the needed .o, it builds fine, but whenever I build from NetBeans again, it overwrites the makefile, and the problem starts again.

Anyone had similar issues, and how did you fix them?