Anyone got their Xavier order shipped already? (Solved)

Just out of curiosity, my order was placed on 08/29 in US, not shipped yet.


Hi Albert, they’ll start shipping mid-September - if you ordered from the NVIDIA webstore, you should have received an update. Not long to wait now!

Today we released JetPack 4.0 Developer Preview EA, and gave the go-ahead to begin shipments. So you should receive your unit sometime next week.

Thank you for update, Dustin!


Looks like my order has started to progress - the status has changed from “received” to “processing”.
I hope all US orders will start ship soon.


That’s good, we gave the distributors the green light, so it should be dispatched within the next couple of days I would think. Keep us updated on your side.

Same thing here.

Order Status: Processing (ALLOW 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS)

I received tracking number for FEDEX 2 day delivery (09/13/2018).

Still just “Order Received” here in the UK, can someone speak to Digital River to get them moving.

I got shipping confirmation today.


I received an email saying it has shipped and should arrive on the 18th.

My order was on 8/24, the package is in local FedEx terminal, just hours …

should arrive 15th :P

My package is in local Fedex facility. Should arrive today. Ordered on Aug 27, the same day when preorder started.

I received my Xavier kit. It’s much better than the TX2/TX2 kits, e.g., it’s small enough for many applications without custom carrier card.

Mine came in today. Awesome computer.

lucky you!

I’ve received mine and have everything I had running on the TX1 working on the Xavier without any major hiccups.

The form factor and design of this module are far superior to the previous Jetsons. Even separating the module from heat sink to install NVMe wasn’t dicey at all due to the high quality design.

I got mine Saturday. Having issues installing cuda 10 for some reason

@siquike: In my opinoin you may use the option to install cuda from within the Jetpack installation. Though I am not sure what cuda version is supplied with it, as I did not get my hands on the hardware yet.