Anyone has experiences with ordering DGX-1/DGX Station?

I contacted one of my local Nvidia partners and inquired about ordering the Volta DGX Station. They want to charge $10,000 per year for the standard warranty on top of the $69,000 price and the minimum is one year. Why is the standard warranty not included in the retail price and is this common practice?

Your NPN partner should be able to answer these questions for you.

A $10K / year support contract?! I wonder what that includes. 24/7/365 access to a knowledgeable engineer (not just someone reading from a script)? 50 free engineering hours (at a consultant rate of $150/hour) for trouble shooting at the customer site? How prone to trouble are these systems?

Not that I think Janet Yellen couldn’t cough up the dough :-) So, rate hike on 6/14?

I called them back and they insist that everyone buys at least one year of support. I mentioned an article that speculates support is included in the price tag and they said no such thing :)

They won’t let me talk to an engineer so I’m stuck with a sales rep.
SR: Have you bought from us or Nvidia’s partners before?
me: No, but I have two self-build workstations equivalent to Nvidia’s old DevBoxes.
SR: Sounds like you’re not familiar with GPUs, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
me: !@^#%&*@^&

Oh Dear Nvidia, that kind of upselling only works with clueless corporations.

This doesn’t look like a classical up-sell, where the sales person tries to sell accessories (“these speakers will sound best with our silver wire-cables”) or an extended warranty, after the customer has already decided to buy a product.

It seems like you did not actually ask about the benefits provided by the support contract? Some support contracts provide good value, but it is impossible to assess whether they do without knowing the details.

Since you already have some experience with building your own systems, you may be better off to keep doing that, at least for the time being. You can buy a lot of GPUs just with the $10K for the support contract.

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All I can pry from the rep is that you get several hours of “training” when they come setup the system. That and standard warranty stuff (free replacement/fix when it breaks and it’s not my fault). I’ll probably talk to other Nvidia partners as well.

I’m in no rush to buy one as it only comes out in Q3, but it does look rather attractive $/FLOPS wise with 480TFLOPS of FP16 tensor operations. Best you can get with self built Pascal workstations is around 48TFLOPS of FP32 at $6000~$7000, and I’m pretty sure FP16 on consumer Voltas would also be tapered

If it looks “rather attractive” from a performance/cost perspective, that would seem to validate NVIDIA’s pricing model, regardless of what they call the special surtax. Maybe you should have asked for a 10% rebate on the total since you are pre-ordering :-)

Apparently they offer preferential prices for institutions/research labs but sadly I don’t get any.

Sounds like JanetYellen got interfaced with an artificially intelligent rep. Maybe a case for more training, less inference?