Anyone have a Tesla S/D/C870 that can help with...

I’m trying to find someone that has a S870,D870, or C870 that can send me a copy of their BIOS from one of the cards, and or a copy of the register readout. I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find any one that has a copy of one. The BIOS can be saved by running GPU-Z, and clicking the save BIOS button. The registers can be read by using rivatuner’s register report.

Well, I’ve got access to one. But it is on a linux machine, so I can’t run either GPU-Z or rivatuner on it:)

Thanks, I looked around and can’t seem to find any tools similar for use in Linux. Other then booting to a boot disk and running nvflash. :(

What about this?

I have access to D870 devices with Windows and Linux OS. If you are still interested I could get the bios and register readout over the next week.

Oh awesome! Yes, I still need it! :) Thanks Tobi_W

I couldn’t save the bios, because gpu-z does not support it. I received just the message: “BIOS reading not supported on this device.”

The diagnostic report is attached.
D870report.rtr.txt (1.81 KB)

Tobi_W, thanks for at least trying. There is a program called Nibitor, that may work, as well as nvflash -b. But I’m sure if the bios is somehow locked then no program would be able to access.

The diagnostic report looks like it is missing the register section. I forgot to mention that you have to enable that part in order for it to show up in the report. It’s in the same section as the report section you just have to click the check next to ‘Register report’, close the window, then open the window again and it will be there.

Thanks again Tobi

The problem is probably that the cards Tobi_W is testing are inside a D870, so there is a pair of GPUs setting behind a PCI-e switch/multiplexer chip. It could well be that there are some magic incantations required to get to the individual card BIOS and registers. I think nvidia-smi was developed precisely for that reason. I suspect you really going to need to find a C870 owner somewhere to help you.