anyone using combo of Windows 7/CUDA/MSVS 2008?

Hi all,

I’m about to do a new build (computer) and wanted to ask your advise. As much as ppl talk bad about vista, it’s been running smooth on my machine and I am able to successfully build CUDA projects in MSVS 2008 on this machine. I’m not getting a 2nd computer and it was advised that I use Windows 7. Considering the positive feedback that Windows 7 had received, I welcomed the advise. However, it was a PAIN IN THE @SS to get Vista/MSVS2008 and CUDA to all work together, and I think the majority of the issues were with MSVS2008…had to wait for a newer version of CUDA (specifically release 2.1) in order for it to work with MSVS2008.

So anyway, just want to know if any of you are using this combination of software: Windows 7, MSVS 2008, and CUDA?

If you are, can you say a bit of your experience. If it was good, great. If it works but there were bumps in road, please advise.


I am, and there is no experience to share, as it “just worked”. Im using win7 64 bits but the 32 bits version of the toolkil.

I’m on Win7 64bit. No problems with both x86 and x64 versions of the toolkit.

My main dev machine dual boots Win7 64 and CentOS 5.3 64-bit.

Does using the 64bit version affect anything with MSVS 2008 or with CUDA? I’ve read that some programs are not compatible with the 64bit OS. I’m guessing this is not the case with MSVS 2008?

MSVS2008 and 2005 work without any problems (though 2005 needs some updates installed)