anyone writing CUDA code using Quadro mobile cards (1000M or higher)?


finally I’ll probably be given a laptop using a Quadro mobile card.

Anyone is using CUDA on these cards? Is it difficult to configure?

I did not find any literature about using CUDA on this GPUs family.

Thank you for any help you would give me.



Quadro mobile cards are great for GPU computing. There is really no difference in how you configure them, relative to any other CUDA-capable card. Simply install the latest driver from

If you’re getting started with CUDA, you might consider ArrayFire (it is free for your quadro-based system). It makes life easier when coding CUDA.

very good! I asked this because before today I was supposed to get a laptop with a GT 540M card with optimus, and in this case the configuration is indeed a bit painful.

Actually, I’m not a true beginner, but thank you so much for the info, I’ll take this library in consideration.



I would guess that Optimus would apply to any scenario where there is an NVIDIA GPU paired with an integrated Intel Graphics (regardless if it is GeForce or Quadro). I’m not sure about that, but it seems like Optimus would be involved.

In Windows, you can follow this instructions here to configure Optimus to not have issues,

In Linux, I have heard that Bumblebee works nicely.

Yes, I discovered Optimus is always involved, but in some laptops you can just disable Optimus in the BIOS. Much easier :-) I’m checking which HP Elitebook does have this option, if anyone reading this post knows it please let me know!

:thanks: for your help and replies!


Keep in mind that not on all laptops optimus can be disabled.