Apart from Deepstream where else I can deploy tlt-converted models or .trt engine files

I would like to know what are the different packages that supports transfer learning toolkit generated models for deployment.

I am able to find a lot of material and support related to deepstream integration. But I couldn’t able find any other model deployment strategies.

Could you please provide information related to that.

In official released tlt user guide, it tells end users how to deploy etlt model or trt engine with deepstream.
Apart from deepstream, users can setup standalone inference way to do inference against trt engine. You can search some similar info in this forum.

@Morganh, thank you very much for your response. I have tried to find the solutions, but I couldn’t able to find any material. Could you please share the details from your end.

There are some materials, odds and ends.

@Morganh, Thank you for the details. I will follow these sources.

This is really helpful.