Apex Cloth. Non-Orthonormal Bind Pose Matrices. Cant get scene to validate. Need assistance!

I’m very sorry if this is an obvious issue, but I am struggling to my Apex clothing and my skeletal rig to be savvy with one another.

I am using the PhysX plug-in for maya to create a cape for my character. The character is rigged to a default humanIK skeleton as it going to be targeted to motion capture data. The trouble is that I keep getting a negative on “Non-Orthonormal Bind Pose Matrices” whenever I validate the scene.

Can someone tell me what this means and if there is a way for me to fix my skeleton. I don’t mind creating a skeleton from scratch, I just want to get a clean validation so I can export the cloth from my character. Thank you for your help!

Is this error being issued by Maya? The error means that the matrix specifying the rotation of at least one bone with respect to its parent are not valid. Perhaps you have scale on the matrices?

I’ll pass this along to someone who might understand how this works in Maya.