API - Camera Control


Is there a possibility to control the cameras (GMSL LI-AR0231 / USB3 PointGrey)? With control I mean to set the image size, framerate, exposure time, …
In the DriveWorks SDK Reference Documentation under sensors/common and sensors/camera I can find no function like this.

For PointGrey cameras I know that this is possible and I wonder if this functionality gets lost by using NVidia’s Sensor Abstraction Layer.


Dear RobinF,

Could you please refer to below part in DriveWorks doc for camera sensor API? Thanks.
DriveWorks API -> Sensors -> Cameras -> dwCameraProperties

Hi SteveNV,

I already saw that there are these options under dwCameraProperties (cameraType, framerate, resolution, …), but is it possible to set these? I can see no setter-function like “setResolution” or “setFramerate”.

Do I miss anything here?

Thanks for your help in advance,

Hi all,

I can not imagine nobody wants to control the camera. Is there anyone, who faced the same question and solved the problem?

Thank you in advance

P.S.: @SteveNV: In case the SAL doesn’t support this feature: Is Nvidia planning to implement this in the near future?

Hi RobinF,
Could you please check NVMedia API to set exposure time (https://docs.nvidia.com/drive/nvvib_docs/NVIDIA%20DRIVE%20Linux%20SDK%20Development%20Guide/baggage/structNvMediaIPPPropertyControls.html). Currently, we don’t support in Driveworks

Hi SivaRamaKrishna,

Thanks for your help, I’ll check out the NVMedia API.


the IPP Raw (nvmipp_raw) example


shows how to set custom exposure values from a custom plugin. Unfortunately the plugin input is limited to some predefined image statistics (e.g historgram over complete image). The image itself is not directly accessible (e.g. to calculate exposure values from a ROI). Is it possible to implement own statistics in the IPP, or is there any other module which gives access to the ISC and the image at the same time to set custom exposure values based on custom image statistics?



Hi all,

nobody out there who knows how to customize the ControlAlgorithmComponent to implement custom autoexposure?