API integration

Hi! I am part of a startup office based in Canada. We are currently working on an exciting project to create a digital twin of our office space. Our project involves the deployment of various sensors (e.g., temperature, humidity) and cameras (e.g., people counting, zone crowd estimation) in our office, from which we collect daily data and integrate it into the digital twin.

We kindly request your expertise and guidance in identifying API integration options that are more suitable for our project. Specifically, we are interested in solutions that support Python for seamless customization. Python is our preferred language, and leveraging it would enable us to tailor the integration to our specific requirements using appropriate libraries or tools.
We greatly value the insights and experiences of the community, and we would truly appreciate any recommendations, suggestions, or resources you can provide.

Hi @User0110. Welcome to the forums! It sounds like creating an Extension or Python Connector may be a good fit for you. This is a good place to learn more and get started: Omniverse Developer Guide — Omniverse Kit documentation