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Hi! It’s great that A2F now has API support. Is there any documentation about how to use it?


Hey, how can I reach this interactive API documentation?

I have my localhost for Omniverse running:

and in Chrome too:

But if I press that link you have in the above post about interactive API documentation it gives me only:

If I paste the addres to Nucleus Navigator, I get:

I also tested this all by running the A2F 2022.2.0
No difference, the link http://localhost:8011/docs is dead.

Audio2Face 2022.2.0 needs to be running first.
If http://localhost:8011/docs isn’t available, you should see a line in your logs/console that will tell you what port it is using instead.
It will look something like this
2023-01-20 21:24:25 [9,100ms] [Warning] [omni.services.transport.server.http.server] http server was meant to start on 8011 but port is taken, starting on port 8048 instead

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Yes sir! Now I can see it :)


Hi @pekka.varis the tutorial is now live on youtube :
Audio2Face Headless and RestAPI Overview - YouTube

Besides what @wtelford1 already mention on how to start the documentation, you can find how to run audio2face without UI and how some python examples on how to use this API.

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Wonderful, thanks!

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