API to Dump Shader Disassembly

Hey - I’m working on optimizing SPIR-V shaders for nvidia’s vulkan drivers, and something that was monumental in helping me optimize GLSL shaders previously was the ability to dump their disassembly.

Is there a hidden feature in NVidia’s Vulkan driver to do this? If not, can this be added?

Not officially / built-in but you could do the moral equivalent of this https://github.com/pixeljetstream/glslc by compiling your PSO with an empty pipeline cache, retrieving its binary blob and then parsing through the latter until you find the GLASM shader string prefix !!NVFP etc.

Neat, thanks - though this is gonna create some really nasty code. Would be nice to have something official.

Is the GLASM shader just an intermediate representation or is this what is actually running on the hardware?