App for hobby architects?

Is there an app where I can easily do architecture on a hobby level. I know there are serious pro solutions, but as a hobbyist I’d just like to build a room and try out different colours etc, or just model my dream house… for fun.

@laban as another OV user, i’d like to clarify whether the question is about which specific Omniverse apps to use or do you intend to use other DCC in conjunction? the reason for the inquiry is because OV doesn’t really have a modeling toolset outside of the prebuilt assets/demo/samples that it ships with. but outside of OV, you could consider using free apps like Blender to build your scenes and then bring it into Composer or Machinima if you are looking to explore that.

I was mostly thinking of specific Omniverse apps. I was hoping that someone had made a simple app for say creating a room, moving walls, putting in a window etc. A high-level modelling tool where the user doesn’t need to worry too much about vertices and Boolean operations. It’s for me to quickly visualise a room or a few, but also for my daughter who likes to build houses in games like Roblox Bloxburg.

As for DCC, Blender is a bit too complex. Sketchup would be interesting, but the free version doesn’t connect to Omniverse as far as I understand.

ah, i see. i certainly cannot speak for other devs out there; but, i personally haven’t explored enough custom KIT apps to tell you whether there’s already one that fits your description out in the wild. the native OV apps aren’t meant to be a full blown DCC package by design, so we often have to pair it up with other packages and OV connectors.

that said, have you considered using the Sketchup free/online version and exporting it out as FBX? then, convert it into USD before doing lighting and shading/materials in OV? it’s not exactly the most intuitive given it’s somewhat of a one way trip from Sketchup into OV and won’t be able to leverage the bi-directional live sync feature.