APP Partition configuration Orin NX 16GB

Hi, I am trying to find out how to configure APP partition config flash, and separate partition for file under the / directory such as /var /var/log.

I have no idea what you are talking about.
Can you please elaborate it more?

I am trying to separate /var from / such that /var exist as a separate partition.

From my understanding, the APP Partition, refers to the ROOTFS; I can only specify the size of APP partition…

ubu@ubu-desktop:~$ sudo blkid
/dev/nvme0n1p1: UUID="335c1fba-ba40-4fc4-b14b-1d1729227b57" TYPE="ext4" PARTLABEL="APP" PARTUUID="bc061a47-9e62-4460-83b1-128d43bc9f95"
/dev/nvme0n1p11: UUID="F3DB-D6E5" TYPE="vfat" PARTLABEL="esp" PARTUUID="43d78b6d-623a-425c-85ce-95746dec2a2f"
/dev/zram0: UUID="f192e8ed-6120-421a-9f4d-4f962e491964" TYPE="swap"
/dev/zram1: UUID="f9e9f06d-3bdb-4ab1-a1da-7e68da9a10f3" TYPE="swap"
/dev/zram2: UUID="5008ff72-b98b-4bcd-871f-eec612871cf7" TYPE="swap"
/dev/zram3: UUID="9805bd1c-3acd-4fa0-81f1-8a6fa05c277a" TYPE="swap"
/dev/nvme0n1p2: PARTLABEL="kernel" PARTUUID="6737d388-6453-41a5-90ba-775d46510c6f"
/dev/nvme0n1p3: PARTLABEL="kernel-dtb" PARTUUID="10454029-b520-4178-8541-f24bf968fb3a"
/dev/nvme0n1p4: PARTLABEL="reserved_for_chain_A_user" PARTUUID="6b536100-d804-49f7-b0fe-0d08f8501567"
/dev/nvme0n1p5: PARTLABEL="kernel_b" PARTUUID="188cf585-0fab-4f1c-a9ba-a151592d2a28"
/dev/nvme0n1p6: PARTLABEL="kernel-dtb_b" PARTUUID="5a33c1ca-62a5-4053-b14c-a771279fc85e"
/dev/nvme0n1p7: PARTLABEL="reserved_for_chain_B_user" PARTUUID="4932d94c-69c7-4500-aa5d-3460aee32709"
/dev/nvme0n1p8: PARTLABEL="recovery" PARTUUID="7d8aff5d-ef1a-4da6-aa07-d52b9d157b33"
/dev/nvme0n1p9: PARTLABEL="recovery-dtb" PARTUUID="7025fba7-c0cf-47af-bd1b-e7042fcf5d57"
/dev/nvme0n1p10: PARTLABEL="RECROOTFS" PARTUUID="29552522-d64d-425e-b520-6a464b659a39"
/dev/nvme0n1p12: PARTLABEL="recovery_alt" PARTUUID="7c543a3f-cd35-4ca3-a53d-4016c42fe114"
/dev/nvme0n1p13: PARTLABEL="recovery-dtb_alt" PARTUUID="6bbfdce0-f80f-47e1-9d5d-0b3daa9ef345"
/dev/nvme0n1p14: PARTLABEL="esp_alt" PARTUUID="48355ab4-a94e-4eb2-913d-bc2400346811"
ubu@ubu-desktop:~$ lsblk
loop0          7:0    0    16M  1 loop 
zram0        251:0    0   1.9G  0 disk [SWAP]
zram1        251:1    0   1.9G  0 disk [SWAP]
zram2        251:2    0   1.9G  0 disk [SWAP]
zram3        251:3    0   1.9G  0 disk [SWAP]
nvme0n1      259:0    0 119.2G  0 disk 
├─nvme0n1p1  259:1    0  68.4G  0 part /
├─nvme0n1p2  259:2    0    64M  0 part 
├─nvme0n1p3  259:3    0   448K  0 part 
├─nvme0n1p4  259:4    0    32M  0 part 
├─nvme0n1p5  259:5    0    64M  0 part 
├─nvme0n1p6  259:6    0   448K  0 part 
├─nvme0n1p7  259:7    0    32M  0 part 
├─nvme0n1p8  259:8    0    80M  0 part 
├─nvme0n1p9  259:9    0   512K  0 part 
├─nvme0n1p10 259:10   0   300M  0 part 
├─nvme0n1p11 259:11   0    64M  0 part 
├─nvme0n1p12 259:12   0    80M  0 part 
├─nvme0n1p13 259:13   0   512K  0 part 
└─nvme0n1p14 259:14   0    64M  0 part


then you may just do something like this:

  1. Shrink the APP partition with tools like GNOME Disks
  2. Create a new partition behind it
  3. Copy stuff in /var into the newly created partition
  4. Modify /etc/fstab so that your partition will be mounted at /var upon boot.
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Is there anyway for the APP partition to be at the end. I understand that Flashing Support — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation stated that root partition is at the end of the storage.

Yes, the APP partition is at the end of the storage.
What exactly are you asking about?

I attempted to install 35.2.1 using manual flashing, but when I am installing packages, I face the below issues. I had not touched the APP partition.

An unknown error occurred while installing dtoverlays.
dpkg: error processing package arducam-nvidia-l4t-kernel (--configure):
 installed arducam-nvidia-l4t-kernel package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 255
Errors were encountered while processing:

Then please file a new topic if it’s not related to your original issue.

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