Apparent vkAcquireNextImageKHR / vkQueuePresentKHR related memory leak

When running a minimal application with only vkAcquireNextImageKHR and vkQueuePresentKHR being called in the main loop, the frame rate slowly drops over time. Task Manager tells me that the application is gradually using more memory. This happens whether I am using FIFO or mailbox swapchain mode, although it happens more with mailbox mode since the frame rate is higher. With my simple application with mailbox mode, it goes from about 30MB to 100MB in a little over a minute, and continues to increase gradually.

It obviously doesn’t happen if I comment these out. It also happens with the LunarG demos (tri and cube). It doesn’t happen with the NVIDIA fish or chopper samples, but according to api_dump, these don’t use AcquireNextImage or QueuePresent. It happens whether I use the statically linked loader library or I call LoadLibrary/LoadProcAddress myself.

I am on Windows 10 with GeForce GT 730M, driver version 368.39.