Apparmor not working on nano with JP 4.6.2


I use JP 4.6.2 and I need apparmor all seems installed but
apparmor_status shows : apparmor module is not loaded.
I tested a new kernel with apparmor enabled, I added apparmor to kernel startup, I have installed profiles etc … nothing ? does someone have it working ?

I have a NX I did not tested yet on it with JP 5.0 as my project need a Nano.

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We don’t have experience about this. Would need other users to check and suggest next.


I confirm that whereas apparmor tools was installed by default on jetpacks, I need to activate it on the kernel, in fact I made a mistake in my first attempt by overwriting my custom .config. Now all OK :-)

It could be great to activate it by default so no need to have a custom kernel as it is a safety feature.

We have useless tools on jetsons like open office that can be trow away for an embedded OS ;-)

Thank you


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