AppDecGL app fails to run on second GPU in the system


I am trying to run the AppDecGL sample app on a second GPU (GPU1) in my system. It runs fine on GPU0. Following is the system info.
Motherboard : ASUS X99-WS
2 Quadro P4000 Cards
Windows 10
Latest Driver (412)
I have configured Mosaic with 1x5 display wall, 4 displays connected to GPU0 and 5th connected to GPU1.
When I give -gpu 1 in arg list to run the app, it crashes at ck(cuGraphicsResourceGetMappedPointer(&dpBackBuffer, &nSize, cuResource)); in FramePresenterGL.h in Display() function, with error CUDA_UNKNOWN_ERROR.
Can anyone help or show me how to run that app (decode and render) on second GPU (or for that matter any GPU other than GPU0)?


Hi ajoshi,
Do you still reproduce this issue? If yes, can you help with minimized reproduction steps.
Is mosaic configuration required or issue occurs with a single display as well?