AppDecLowLatency decode h264 not one in and one out

When I use nvidia to decode a h264 stream,it’s not one in and one out(one input h264 frame, one output yuv frame). So cause high delay(about 200ms). When I using ffmpeg to decode the stream. It’s OK. There is no B-frame in the stream.
So Can I set anything to force on in and one out?

The output is:

Decode: nVideoBytes=87136, nFrameReturned=1, total=59
Timestamp: 58
Decode: nVideoBytes=0, nFrameReturned=5, total=64
Timestamp: 59
Timestamp: 60
Timestamp: 61
Timestamp: 62
Timestamp: 63
One packet in and one frame out: false


OS:win7 x64
GPU: GeForce 750Ti

stream could be downloaded with:

Encoder problem, Solved

Hi qiushics, I meet the same problem now. My video stream is captured and encoded on Jetson Xavier by its Tegra API, and the video stream is decoded on PC host by its Nvidia video codec SDK. But it always cache 15 frames and then decode the first frame. So there is a huge latency. Can you give a tip how you solve your issue? Thanks in advance.