AppEncDec Library

I have been successful in writing down the c++/cli wrapper codes for AppEncDec Lib in Nvidia’s Video_Codec_SDK_11.1.5 SDK samples. Following are my approaches and issues:

Approaches –

As per Microsoft documentation, there are three ways to access an unmanaged ++ library (AppEncDec) in a dot Net project–

  1. Using “dllimport”
  2. Using “PinInvoke”
  3. Using a managed c++ /cli wrapper

First and second are not suggested methods. So, I chose the third one.

Issues –

I get some critical errors when I compile the c++/cli managed wrapper using AppEncDec library . Please see the screenshot attached.

On further investigation, I learnt that AppEncDec library is using some methods and packages from “std” package, which are not supported in managed codes. So, I am stuck again.

Either we need a translator for packages on managed code end, or on unmanaged code end. Please suggest on which end a package translator shall be created and how?

Please also let me know if there are any other workarounds.